Trailer Tuesday: The Night Of The Great Chinese Lottery

Every Tuesday, I will post a trailer I saw in the past week that I felt was worth sharing.

I will readily admit that this week’s trailer is something of a gamble, I have absolutely no familiarity with anyone involved with the film… But sometimes, it’s more fun that way! AS far as I can tell, all of the principals are making their feature debut in this movie which does not seem to have a hard release date.
So, what drew me to the trailer? Well, I can tell that the film definitely has a certain amount of visual style, which always draws me. The trailer does not reveal too much in terms of plot, but one word come up repeatedly – paranoia. If that is, indeed, in some way the theme of the film, I applaud the effective advertising.
The film was shot on a non-existent budget in Hong Kong, which seems to have production value everywhere. If the film comes out being good, it could be a great example of filming, for free, in an exciting place making all the difference in distinguishing oneself from more expensive pictures.
Ultimately, having no stars or flashy special effects, the trailers sells itself on mood and visuals. It’s unlikely I will get to see it in the near future, as even some of the more major movies tend to not make it over to Lithuania, much less independent films with no distributor… Based purely on the trailers I’ve seen recently, though, I would simply want to see this independent movie.
The writer/director is Marco Brunelli, and stars Mathieu Bourassa, Furio Mazzarelli, and Andrew Martin. You can find more about the film at

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