Trailer Tuesday: Escape from Tomorrow

Every Tuesday, I will post a trailer I saw in the past week that I felt was worth sharing.

In the increasingly litigious society we live in, particularly in the realm of media, we are seeing less and less truly transgressive cinema, filmed against the rules by daring people. Escape from Tomorrow is precisely such a film, a psychological horror movie filmed in Disneyland, with no permission. The guerrilla-style shoot was evidently ignored by the Disney corporation, and after release, the company decided not to press any charges and avoid the film entirely. It has since been picked up by Producers Distribution Agency, and will be released in theaters and video-on-demand on October 11th.

Written and directed by Randy Moore, who has no other credits to his name, with relatively unknown actors, this trailer excites me. It seems fantastic, and low-budget, and potentially really scary or moving. But most of all, I enjoy the fact that this film is outside the norm, that the filmmakers took a risk to tell a story – and it seems it is paying off. I will definitely be making an effort to see it, though chances are very slim I will be able to see it where I live.


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