Hi, I’m Dziugas. I’m really stoned on movies. With comics, rpgs, and television mixed in.

The purpose of FilmStoned is simple – to share my love of geek culture. While, as the title points out, the focus is cinema, other subjects, such as comics and games will certainly make an appearance.

I’ve been writing about film since I was 17, writing for my high school paper, then the university paper, graduating to a small local news portal when I moved to Lithuania. Throughout that time, my appreciation of movies increased, prompting an expansion into other avenues of geekdom.

I will be delivering new content as often as I can, as well as uploading archives of my previously written reviews. Not all reviews I write will be for current movies, and not all articles I write will be reviews. Some of the columns will no doubt be something closer to opinion pieces about geek culture. There will also be updates about current entertainment news. In the near future, I expect to launch a podcast with complimentary content. I will be letting you know when new posts are up if you hit Follow on the right to get email updates, Like the Facebook page, or Follow me on Twitter.

Comments? Questions? Challenges?

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