Trailer Tuesday: Charlie Countryman

Every Tuesday, I will post a trailer I saw in the past week that I felt was worth sharing.

Nothing about recent mainstream movie trailers has been appealing to me recently, I suppose we will have to wait until winter or spring to get the juicy trailers for next year’s big blockbusters. In the meantime, though, these non-summer months we’re just starting out on are here for independent cinema.

In that spirit, I picked Charlie Countryman as today’s trailer. In picking the trailers, I really make an effort to decide based on the video itself. I do believe there’s something of an art to coming up with a good trailer, and while Charlie Countryman‘s ad does not necessarily break the norm, it is an exciting trailer that genuinely makes me want to see the movie.

I’ve traditionally been somewhat at odds with LaBeouf’s film choices, so his prominent role here might have previously turned me off the film completely. After seeing Lawless, however, I definitely have more faith in his ability to pick a role and commit to it. Despite his rocky past (I’m looking at you, Transformers), the young these seems to have recommitted himself as a serious actor. He’s also appearing in Lars von Trier’s latest film, Nymphomaniac, which has me intrigued somewhat thought I’ve recently found von Trier’s films hard to stomach (not to say that they were bad, by any means).

The rest of the cast of Charlie Countryman seems spot-on – Evan Rachel Wood, Mads Mikkelsen, Til Schweiger, and Melissa Leo have all proven themselves to me in the past, so I’m genuinely excited to see the film, based on the trailer. Though I’m now seeing the reviews are less than great (Rotten Tomatoes has 33%), this may just be the case of a low score indicating something controversial, perhaps, as opposed to merely bad.

The film is directed by new-comer Fredrik Bond, written by Matt Drake, and comes out in UK on November 8th, and on the 17th in the US, in limited release.