Trailer Tuesday: Last Days on Mars

Every Tuesday, I will post a trailer I saw in the past week that I felt was worth sharing.

There is a true shortage of original sci-fi out there today. In Last Days on Mars, however, we see a trailer which is not, at least at a first glance, an adaptation of anything (indeed, the screenplay is original, and written by Clive Dawson), as well as appearing to be quite effectively scary. It is directed by Ruairi Robinson, who, like the writer, is a newcomer in feature film. It has Liev Schreiber in what appears to be the lead.

It is impossible to watch the trailer here without being immediately reminded of Alien. My hope is that the comparison remain hopeful. I truly don’t see enough serious science fiction thrillers that could be taken even remotely seriously. Even the Alien franchise itself strayed away from its horror movie roots in the later installments, straying more towards adventure. This isn’t terrible, of course, but my point is that I’m hoping for some of that vibe in Last Days on Mars

The film already premiered in Cannes in May, but is scheduled for a December 6th release in the United States. While the some of the advance reviews were not favorable, that trailer completely has me wanting to see the picture.